Ayşegül Erdem 

University Medical Centre Groningen

Ayşegül studied Biology (Hacettepe University, 2013) and she has a Master’s degree in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (Radboud University and University of Cambridge, 2015). During her Master’s studies she focused on different biological mechanisms involved in leukaemia development. Her current PhD project explores key metabolic pathways in different Acute Myeloid Leukaemia  subtypes. Next to her work as a researcher she enjoys travelling, summer festivals, 60s music and contemporary art.


In 2017, we saw the first research secondments.  Ayşegül has been in Barcelona now twice to perform some significant experiments for her project. As a principle of Marie Curie academic partnerships, she mentioned the advantage of double supervision for various aspects of her project lines. This has also afforded her the chance to enjoy the nice cultural atmosphere of Barcelona both in winter and summer during her short visits.

Ayşegül’s third visit to the University of Barcelona
The main goal of this secondment was performing LC/MS MS method in University of Barcelona for the selected cohort of AML primary samples as well as our AML cell line models. During the two weeks visit period I had a chance to acquire more insights of the technique at the Science Park UB. Moreover we could perform some additional metabolic measurements which provided us new results and ideas for the project. I have had very educational discussions with Marta, Roldan and Silvia during my time in the lab.

I enjoyed the cultural, historical and sunny beauty of Barcelona once again with great food and surrounded art museums. I also had chance to have a day trip to Girona with Efi! 

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