Network wide training is an important part of the HaemMetabolome network. Therefore a series of meetings are planned for the project. 

The first meeting in combined a workshop and an advance training course for the fellows was hel in Barcelona in January 2017. More information on this is available here.

HaemMetabolome also hosted a Mid-term Review Meeting in Brussels in September 2017 with the EU’s REA Project Ofifcer in attendance. Details of this meeting are available here

The next project meeting will be held between 11th and 13th July in Groningen, more information is available here.

Future meetings include workshops on Cancer Metabolism and the final workshop at the end of the project where ESRs will present the results they have obtained during their projects. 

HaemMetabolome will also run two further advance training courses in Metabolism and technologies ; and in Transcriptomics, epigenetics and drug discovery. 


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