Research Objectives

RO1: Study metabolic mechanisms associated with malignancy-specific metabolic features. Identification of metabolic profiles and mechanisms specific for subtypes of haematological malignancies using multi-omics approaches.

RO2: Functional characterization of key metabolism regulators. A shRNA library screen will be performed in leukaemic and normal haematopoietic cells to identify leukaemic subtype-specific key players of metabolism. Effects on metabolome and transcriptome will be investigated.

RO3: Study the effect of drugs on specific metabolic mechanisms. Many existing drugs already affect energy metabolism. A better understanding which mechanisms are affected will help to predict mechanisms that could be targeted with new therapies.

RO4: Use computational approaches to integrate transcriptional and metabolic data. Approaches will be used to integrate transcriptional, and metabolic data into disease models which allow predictions of transforming events, drug interactions and provide markers for personalised treatment approaches.

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