Effrosyni Karakitsou  

University of Barcelona

Effi did her BS in Applied Mathematics and Physics at the National Technical University of Athens (2012) and performed her Master on Systems Biology at the University of Surrey (2015). She also have been working as a bioinformatician developing computational tools for decision support systems for clinical cytopathology at the University hospital “ATTIKON”. Beside her mathematical brain, she is great at contemporary dance and aerial acrobatics. She also likes playing the classical guitar and yoga.

Effrosyni's 1st Secondment to Birmingham 

Right after the first HaemMetabolome meeting in Barcelona I came to the lab of Jean-Baptiste Cazier at the University of Birmingham to start my secondment. The main purpose of my stay here was to get support and training on the computational analysis of expression data. And I am very happy to say that this is exactly what I received. The researchers and post-docs had strong programming skills and were really willing to share their knowledge. The campus is really beautiful, especially the main building of the university (Aston Webb building) built in 1900 which is truly amazing. I enjoyed my time in Birmingham and the opportunity to work in such a welcoming and supporting environment. 

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