Getting to grips with new languages - Feb 2017


Already a year into her project, Ayşegül has progressed to the second stage of the Dutch language course. From Ayşegül - "Having some background in German grammar made it easier for me to be able to start and learn Dutch. Although I do still struggle with the Dutch pronunciation at the second stage, I really enjoy using common Dutch idioms and expressions already in my daily life!"

Alan is in the last month of a beginners Dutch course and is having a lot of fun. He now knows the basic greetings & introductions, can count and most importantly can order a beer! He plans on continuing to the next level as soon as this one is completed.

Because of his interest in integrating in the German society, Sam started learning German in the first month he arrived in Germany and now he is in A2 level. He believes it is the best way to get to know the culture and open prospects for his future career in Germany.

Efi started using Duolingo last week and signed up for another online Spanish course. 

It will be great to see how this progresses over the next few years. 

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