The Key of Bioentrepreneur - May 2017

Ines Baptista
In May, Ines took part in the course “Claus per Bioemprende”, the key for Bioentrepreneurship. This course was presented by the Foundation “Bosch i Gimpera” of the University of Barcelona. It is already in its 7th edition and focuses in elucidating on how to set up a Biotech company. Along four sessions it gave points on how to transition from academia to the private sector, to choose the best way and time to apply for a patent, how to seek the best team/partners and how to seek funding. The speakers of each session were experts in this subject such as members of risk investment funds, bank investors, CEOs (chief executive officer) and CFOs (chief fiscal officer) of local biotech companies. Curiously, some of the speakers were former students of the previous editions of this course. Ines really enjoyed it, the personal stories of some speakers were very good examples of success, luck and love for science. 

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